Say “Thanks to You” instead of “Because of You”


Both “because of you” and “thanks to you” tell the cause-and-effect relationship. However, their meanings are diametrically opposite. “Because of you” has a negative connotation like blaming someone, but “thanks to you” has a positive connotation like having a thankful mind and respecting others.

Frequent use of “because of you” causes resentment and dissatisfaction, but a habit of saying “thanks to you” stops blaming others and gives positive perspective. Even when you go through trials and pain, try to think, “Thanks to someone,” then you’ll certainly find something to thank for.

Try to speak “thanks to you” instead of “because of you.” Thanks to “thanks to you,” you will be happy.

If someone in your family makes a mistake, let’s not get upset or blame but comfort him or her by saying “thanks to you.”
“You broke the flowerpot and made a mess.”
→ “Thanks to you, we get to buy a new flowerpot.”
When you’re about to complain, speak positive words by saying “thanks to you.”
“I don’t want to eat the same thing every day.”
→ “Mom, thanks to you, I get to start off my day. Thank you for making me breakfast every morning.”
When someone in your family is going through things, encourage him or her by saying “thanks to you.”
“When you feel blue, I feel blue too.”
→ “Thanks to your hard work, our family is happy.”
“Thanks to you, we’re happy.”
“Thanks to your meticulous repair work on the screen window, there’re no more insects coming in.”