Surpassing Survival Instinct


In the wild, various types of animals have fierce fights for survival according to the law of the jungle. Since ecosystem is maintained through the food chain, there is always a chance for herbivores to become food of the predators. However, since their survival instinct is as strong as the predators’ desire for hunting, they don’t easily let them eat them. However, sometimes, there are situations where an animal goes against its survival instinct.

A young antelope is crossing the river. It seems that it can cross it with no problem because the water is just up to the neck. But then, for some reason, the mommy antelope jumps into the river and runs toward the young antelope. When it arrives at a certain point, it stops moving and stays there. What is happening is that a crocodile is swimming fast toward the young antelope. The mommy antelope stands on the crocodile’s path, watching its young with earnest eyes, hoping it will cross the river as fast as possible. The young antelope crosses the river safely, and the mother disappears into the water with the ferocious crocodile.

It is a short video someone posted online. The mother’s sacrifice for its young! This behavior that is hard to understand only with the principle of nature touches the heart.