April 15, 2019

The Secret to Success


Restaurant A is the most successful stew restaurant in town. There was one man who went to restaurant A frequently. One day, he went to restaurant A to eat, but there were so many people that there was no empty seat there.

While waiting for his turn, he looked at restaurant B located right next to restaurant A. Although restaurant B too serves the same stew as there was no one but flies flying around. The man was curious and asked the owner of restaurant A, “This restaurant always has so many people. What is the reason that your restaurant is doing better than the one next door?”

“It’s because the two restaurants are selling different products.”

“What do you mean? Both restaurants are selling the same stew!”

The owner said, “The restaurant next door is selling stew, but our restaurant is selling service.”

Hearing this, the man understood what the owner meant and smiled. It was because he agreed that what customers wanted was not just a piece of stew but a warmhearted service like the warm stew.