The Power of Three Seconds!


The sun rises and sets quickly, and a month passes by at a blink of an eye. In countless hours, three seconds may seem so short, but a long time consists of those short moments. For that short time, an important match can be won or lost in an arena, someone’s life can change, and a new life can be born somewhere.

Small but important three seconds! If you make good use of it, you will get a good result. Why don’t you take advantage of the power of three seconds this month?

What is important is practice. If your action is followed, three seconds are enough time to make others and yourself happy. Shall we start now? One, two, three, go!

Three-second patience: when you are angry or annoyed, or when you are about to say something mean
Three-second composure: when someone else’s action seems slow, or before honking a horn while driving
Three-second laughter: when you are depressed or tired, when you hear a funny story, as soon as you wake up in the morning, or before you go to bed at night
Three-second admiration: when you look up at clouds during the daytime and stars at night, or when your family is dressing up in front of the mirror
Three-second consideration: Open the door for a person in full hands, or hold the elevator door for others.
Three-second love: Say, “I love you,” to your family, hug or pat your family’s back when he or she looks depressed.