September 4, 2019

To the New World of the Gospel

Nathalia Salvatierra-Abuid from Morgantown, WV, U.S.


“Do you want to hear some words of wisdom?”

My friends asked me as we walked back from school on the last day of our junior year in high school. Seeing their eagerness, I wanted to hear them. One who lived close had run to his house and brought his Bible, and they explained the truth about Heavenly Father and Mother and God’s regulations. The words of God were amazing and undoubtedly certain.

That very afternoon, I went home and highlighted every verse I had been taught, not wanting to forget even one point. The next day, I was scheduled to leave to boot camp in high school, so I was not able to go to Zion right away. However, the words of God I learned were engraved on my heart, and it had been impossible for me to forget them. So I preached about the Sabbath day to my friends in the boot camp.

The day I returned from the camp, I immediately called my friend and told him that I wanted to go to church with him. That day, I went to Zion and studied the words of God for hours. A member who taught me the words of God asked me if I wanted to become a child of God. I wanted to become a child of God even before then. Soon, I received the blessing of being born again into a new life with my mom’s consent.

My mom misunderstood the church for a while and worried about my going to Zion, but when I prayed to God earnestly and behaved faithfully, her heart was softened. As I began to keep God’s commands faithfully, my faith in Father and Mother grew, and I had one goal; it was to go to a land where the gospel had never been preached and deliver the gospel. I dreamed of living a passionate life like Apostle Paul who went from town to town, establishing churches.

I imagined myself doing the gospel work in a big city. To my surprise, however, God guided me to a small town called Charleston, West Virginia, I had never even heard of. Firmly believing that wherever the water of life flows, there will be life, I went to look for our lost heavenly family. At that time, it was just four of us in a small house church in Charleston.

Up until that time, I had only done the gospel in the churches where there were plenty of members, and I was used to coming to Zion every day and being lifted up by the smiles and fragrances of brothers and sisters. So going to a small town where there were only four of us was a significant change for me. Then I could fathom a little of the feeling of Heavenly Father who alone preached the gospel. I could only shed tears of repentance when I thought of how many years He walked the path of the gospel all alone and of how many days He spent in pain, longing to find His lost children. Father’s love and sacrifice awakened my body and spirit, and became the force that pushed me every day to do the gospel without getting tired.

After a while, through the grace of God, we found a beautiful soul who had been searching for the truth. The day we preached to her, she had driven almost an hour to make it to our local food store because the closest one to her had been shut down due to a flood. After hearing the words of the truth, she did not hesitate for a single moment to receive a new life.

At the beginning of her life of faith, she had a hard time due to her husband who did not agree with her faith. However, she changed her husband’s mind with patience and sacrifice. The sister grew to be an evangelist and led her mom to the truth. The sister’s mom has the spirit of a prophet and became a watchman of the truth who preaches everywhere she goes. Despite her age and circumstances, she works tirelessly to save her family and makes every effort to keep God’s laws.

A few months into living in West Virginia, I heard that there was an old couple living close to the house church. The couple were led to the truth by their daughter a few years back, but they had been driving five hours throughout the year to go to Zion since they had no idea that there was a Zion just an hour away. As soon as we found out, we drove to meet them, and they soon moved so that they could be closer to Zion. They are now faithfully keeping God’s laws and are preaching to their neighbors every day. When we see them praying eagerly for the completion of the world evangelism, we are delighted with the thought that we are all one body.

One Sunday, a sister and I went to preach and met two souls who liked to hear the words of God. It was Sister Jackie and her husband. At that time, she was seven months pregnant. They both listened to the words of God gratefully, but it took them a long time to realize the truth. At that time, God guided me to a different Zion, and for quite a long time, the couple and the house church in Charleston were in my heart. Time passed, and when I came back to Charleston again, Sister Jackie had her son, and they had already received the truth. We were happy. I could understand why God called us there.

Sister Jackie, who loves the word of God, grew in faith quickly. She made every effort to do the will of God, and through her good example, her husband was also led to the truth. She led one of her friends into the arms of God. Her friend was pregnant and almost due when she received God. After having her daughter, she kept worship services holy with her newborn baby. She is very bold and loves to preach. We believe she will be a strong pillar in the Charleston Zion. We are proud of her. Before long, the Charleston Zion got filled with new members. To preach the gospel to another town in the State of West Virginia, my husband and I went to Morgantown. After preaching in Morgantown for two months, Heavenly Father and Mother allowed us to meet a brother. The brother studied the word of God with great eagerness and drove four hours with his wife to be blessed with a new life. Now the brother and his wife study every week and try to put the word of God into practice. We pray to Heavenly Father and Mother that they will build strong faith in the Morgantown Zion.

Looking back at my life of faith, I cannot help but give eternal thanks to God Elohim for guiding me in everything. They have allowed me, a sinner who doesn’t deserve Their grace, to walk the path that leads to heaven. Every time we see the moment in which the work of the gospel gets fulfilled, we are convinced that the words of Heavenly Father and Mother are surely accomplished in due time. How blessed we are to be able to do the gospel work which even angels envy and to fulfill the prophecy of God! I sincerely pray that the day when the gospel of the kingdom is preached in the whole world will come quickly.