Virtue for Unity


Regardless of field, a team that produces a great result with a fantastic team work becomes the subject of interest and study, including their episodes in detail, core technology, and leadership.

One managing consultant had been working for decades to see what kind of people makes the best team, and finally paid attention to three things: “modesty” to praise colleagues’ contribution without boasting about one’s achievement; “good sense” to behave, considering others’ situations; and “eager” to find things that one has to do and has to learn. It turned out that the members, who were equipped with these virtues, made a strong team work and received good results by supplementing their lacking points and moving in one direction. In other words, the best team and the best result does not depend on members’ remarkable skills or special techniques alone.

It is the same for the gospel. Those who have wisdom to count others and humble themselves by considering others better than themselves, form a beautiful unity, and when they also have earnestness, the team can make an amazing result that one person cannot achieve.

Let us remember that unity is essential to achieve our goal and hope in God.

Let us look back what virtues we need for a perfect unity.