April 3, 2020

We Share the Warmth of Love

Kim Hyeon-kyeong from Gangneung, Korea


My husband and I volunteered to deliver coal briquettes.

I was filled with emotions as it had been a long time since I had last attended that volunteer service due to some reasons. On the day before the event, with great excitement I told our members that I would do the most work at the site. Then they replied, “You can say that when you get there,” with a knowing smile.

The next day, after arriving at the site, I realized what their smiles meant.

The village was located on a steep slope near the sea. I had to hold rails to walk up the stairs. It looked difficult to deliver even a single briquette up the slope. I saw the brothers and sisters walk up the stairs in an orderly line. They easily went up as if hiking up a mountain. I too got into the line, and began to deliver briquettes. There was no time for break because the briquettes were being delivered continuously, but we all worked in such great harmony.

If someone nearby got tired, we swapped positions, and if someone had to leave the line, we spread out to make up for the empty space; we all worked as if we were one body. As a result, it didn’t take long for us to finish the briquette delivery. After the last briquette was delivered, we yelled out a cheer.

It is very difficult for one person to deliver a hundred briquettes. However, as one hundred of us worked like one person, we could deliver more than a thousand briquettes without difficulty. With smiles, love, and consideration for others, we conveyed the warmth of love not only to our neighbors but also to ourselves, working together.