July 25, 2019

If We Deliver the Love of Mother

Jo Su-bin from Incheon, Korea


A special event was held in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. More than a hundred members from the Church of God gathered to clean up street for the first time. They divided teams; the male adults gathered the trash with big brooms, and the young adults, the students, and the female adults followed the male adults by picking up the trash into the trash bags. Under the scorching sunlight and the wind mixed with sand and dust, the five-hundred-meter-long street became clean by the hands of the members who did not forget to lose their smiles all the time throughout the day.

It is rare to see a church activity in Bangladesh because there are not many Christians. But on the day when we conducted the volunteer work, wearing the vests which had the church name on them, the response of citizens was greater than we had expected. Market vendors, street cleaners, and citizens on the streets were surprised and took pictures; they were thankful for cleaning in front of their shops and gave us the thumbs up. The news about our cleanup was published on the local newspapers: “The members of the Church of God always deliver the love of Mother. If the love of Mother is delivered and inscribed on the minds of all the people around the world, wars, hardships, and pain will disappear.” Reading the article, I was so proud of our church.

It was unfamiliar for a church to carry out volunteer services in Bangladesh where most people don’t know God, but when everyone became one to deliver the love of Mother, there were no obstacles before us. I hope the love of Mother will spread in all the regions of Bangladesh, starting from this volunteer service.