May 19, 2021

The Church of God Holds ‘Happy Webinar for Workers’

Conveying Hope and Comfort Over the Screen

South Korea


The non-contact era arrived by the outbreak of COVID-19. Direct meetings and gatherings have decreased, and communication barriers have been raised. Although the number of people who are neglected in society is likely to increase, it does not necessarily mean that there is no way to gather together. Thanks to online communication tools, we can communicate even without contact, being less constrained by time and space.

The Church of God held the “Happy Webinar for Workers” to bring happy energy to families, neighbors, friends, and coworkers. The word webinar is a blend of web and seminar. This webinar is an online version of the “Happy Seminar for Workers” that was launched in 2018. The “Happy Webinar for Workers” was held on April 18 and 21, and it was aired via the Church of God’s official YouTube channel and was viewed by about ten thousand people for two days.

The webinar started with the video where the Church of God young adult workers are encouraging other workers through messages such as “After this moment, a brilliant tomorrow will come,” and “Although it is difficult to climb a mountain, if you don’t give up, you will enjoy the moment of reaching the summit.” The video was taken at Korea’s attractions such as the Hangang River in Seoul, the Hanok Village (a traditional Korean village) in Jeonju, Cheomseongdae (the oldest surviving astronomical observatory in Asia, and possibly even the world) in Gyeongju, and Baekrokdam (the crater lake in the summit of Mt. Hallasan).

The theme of the webinar was “Our Mother.” The presenters empathized with the reality of Korean workers who are knocked down by work and relationships, and they spotlighted the life of mothers who were fully committed to supporting their families back in the days when everything was difficult. In addition, they suggested that we overcome hardships by thinking of our mothers who give endless love to their children. The workers who accessed the webinar left comments: “It was a great time to once again think about mother,” and “From now on, I must be good to my parents.”

The Happy Seminar’s talk session called “Empathy Talk” received a great response from the participants last time, so this time too it was prepared by having received comments in advance. The workers who participated in the webinar empathized with various comments that were made in response to the questions related to work life, from the perspective of employees, managers, and those who are new to society.

The Happy Webinar was followed up in May, the month of family, too. The webinars held on the 16th day and 19th day were viewed by about thirteen thousand people.

As the importance of helping with mental stability has grown due to the prolonged pandemic, the Church of God will constantly hold various webinars for families and neighbors, with a heart caring for the well-being of all.