With Absolute Faith and Mother’s Love

Surimon Jindaprapaporn from Bangkok, Thailand


I had desired to be a child of God since a long time ago, and I had been to many different denominations including the Catholic and Protestant churches. However, none of them convinced me that they were the true church. So I hesitated to go to church.

A few years ago, I was staying in Washington D.C., USA, for my job. One day while shopping, I got a phone call from one of my friends.

“Won’t you go with me to the church where God the Mother dwells?”

I was very surprised. My friend said that I would be able to receive eternal life in the church where God the Mother dwells. I was curious to know what kind of church it is.

I went to the church, and after studying the Bible I became convinced that it is the truth. The next day was the Sabbath, and I visited Zion again, where I received the promise of a new life.

While studying the words of God, I learned that I should pray in the new name and that Heavenly Father and Mother came to seek sinners like me, who had sinned in the angelic world. I was full of surprise and admiration.

In March of the following year, my work visa expired and I returned to Bangkok. Since I found English difficult, I was able to get a more in-depth understanding of the truth in Thai. I wanted to deliver the good news to my family, and I led my two younger sisters to Zion. However, my father living in my hometown was not willing to listen to the word of God, saying that all the churches are the same. My sisters and I put our minds together as one and prayed earnestly for my parents and relatives to receive the truth.

My hometown is Phayao, an isolated rural area, which is about 12 hours away from Bangkok by bus. The truth of the new covenant had not yet been preached there. Whenever I imagined that my family and relatives in my hometown would fail to be saved because they did not know the truth although they faithfully believed in God, I felt like my heart was burning and I could not stand still. So, one month before the Passover, I took three days off from work to visit my hometown, Phayao.

When I was about to leave, tears kept welling up in my eyes because I was worried how I should preach the Word alone. At that moment, I received a phone call from a member of my Zion.

“Sister, you are not alone. Father and Mother are with you. Cheer up!”

When I heard the member say that, I became encouraged. Since Father and Mother are with me, I believed firmly that I would surely get good results. Then I headed to my hometown while praying.

As soon as I met my parents and my younger brother’s family, I delivered God’s word to them. Then to my surprise, all my family members, including my father who had refused to listen to the Word before, accepted the new covenant and wanted to receive Elohim. My father was worried, saying, “I want to keep the Passover. But who would come to this remote area?” With a throbbing heart, I called the missionary in Bangkok.

“Five members of my family now want to get baptized.”

The missionary rejoiced and promised to come after the Sabbath. I went to my aunt’s house with joy and delivered the Word to her family again. Then my aunt, cousin and his wife wanted to receive the truth. So I called Zion again.

“There are five more people who want to be baptized.”

I also went to meet my other aunt’s family and relatives, and that night I called Zion again.

“A total of about 20 people are waiting to be baptized.”

When the missionary came to Phayao, 23 people including my family and relatives were reborn as children of God. I gave thanks to God over and over again. After a month, we greeted the Passover, and another missionary visited my hometown to lead the Passover ceremony, so that we could all celebrate the Passover graciously.

Through this opportunity, I came to realize that Father and Mother are truly our Almighty Gods and that what we need most in preaching is absolute faith. Then I had the opportunity to visit Korea. Through my visit to Korea, I learned the love of Mother. Mother welcomed this sinner with Her boundless love that I did not deserve. She bestowed Her love, which cannot be compared to any kind of love in this world, upon all the visiting group members including me.

Now I realize that it is my mission to preach Mother’s love. As a child of Mother, I want to lead many souls to the way of heaven by conveying the deep and endless love of Mother to my relatives and neighbors, who have not yet received the truth, and to all people whom I will meet. Thank You, Father and Mother!