March 22, 2019

If You Are Faithful to the Gospel Duty Given by God

Orange County, CA, U.S.


When I was sixteen years old, I heard the truth about God the Mother. I was shocked, and after a few studies, I immediately became a member of the Church of God. I could not hold in this precious truth to myself, so I shared it with my best friend, Arnani. She became my spiritual sister, and led her mom to the truth. I was reminded of my mom, too, but I was worried about leading my mom, who lived apart from me, to Zion. Wishing that my family would eventually receive salvation, too, if I work hard for the gospel, I actively participated in preaching and volunteering.

As I became part of the young adult group, I participated in every short-term mission the Orange County Zion went on, and I saw God’s mighty power all the more; by the end of the year, four Zions were established in different cities in California. In the following year, I volunteered to go to Cleveland, Ohio, as the third short-term mission team. Even during the busy schedule of taking care of the new souls found during the first and second short-term missions, I was blessed to find a new heavenly family.

After experiencing such grace through the short-term missions, I became more earnest to lead my mom to the truth. Just in time, Zion held an event to invite families. While preparing for the event like a dance and a quartet, I prayed to God to please allow at least one of my family members to come and that the one who comes to be the one that would lead the rest of my family to Zion.

My prayer was not in vain; to my amazement, my mom came to the event. She stayed for the whole event. A Zion family member, who took care of my mom on behalf of me because I was on the stage, later told me about what she said. “Your mother was moved to tears and said she was happy that you go to the Church of God because it is a good church.” It was amazing to hear from her, because just a few days ago she was concerned that I attended the Church of God.

On the day of the Bible Seminar, when I held my head up to prepare my part to sing, I saw my mom walking in through the entrance door; my heart started to beat fast that I could not hold back my emotions. Throughout the event, my mom concentrated on the seminar, and after the seminar, everyone welcomed my mom. Everything became a blur, but when I pulled myself together, I found out my mom became a heavenly family member.

Through this, I realized that the way to receive God’s blessing is being faithful to the gospel duties given by God. I prayed one of my family members to be the one that would lead the rest of my family to Zion; this wish will also be granted surely. Until all my physical family members become my spiritual family, I will walk faithfully with Heavenly Father and Mother who opened the way to salvation.