Talents Borne from Work Mission

Duane Edward from New Windsor, NY, U.S.


It had not been long before I started a new job at a big company after I transferred to New Windsor. I became excited at the thought of starting a new career and being able to move up in a large corporation. The money that I could make, the position I could reach, and the respect I could gain were all thoughts that I had when I started the job. These kinds of worldly thoughts took over my mind as I began to work there.

While I knew that preaching is something we should do in our given situations, in reality it was not at the forefront of my mind when I thought about my new job. I was discouraged by my experience in the gospel up until that point. Although I had preached to numerous people, I sometimes went years without even one fruit. I tried to change the way I spoke and the preaching topics, but to no avail.

After I heard Mother say, “Workers shall preach at workplaces,” I was reminded of the blessing and mission given to me through my job. I also realized that I got a job at a new workplace because there were heavenly family members I had to find. With new fervor, I made a firm determination to preach the gospel at my job.

I was hesitant at first because I did not know how I would go about it, but I prayed that everything would work out in accordance with God’s will. Right at that moment, one of our sisters came in as a customer. It was more than a coincidence, because I could lead one of my colleagues to Zion together with the sister.

The sister’s manager was Monique. After finishing her business, the sister introduced the Church of God to her, and invited her to Zion. It wasn’t long after studying that she became our sister, and before long she became a gospel worker who knows the value of the gospel and joyfully studies God’s word.

A couple of months later, a new employee named Bryce started working there. I wanted to deliver the news of life to him as he was a very faithful worker. But I was hesitant to preach to him, thinking about my position. “Since I’m in management, he may feel uncomfortable.” But once again I remembered Heavenly Mother’s words and decided that I would preach to him.

“You have to come to my church.”

A sincere heart always works. With just these small words, Bryce came to Zion and before long he too became our brother! He is now growing in faith by keeping all the regulations of God and preaching diligently. He has even borne his own talent. The two brother and sister worship with thankful hearts and minds and are making every effort to preach to their friends and family.

Truly, Heavenly Mother’s words are the way and the truth. Seeing the new heavenly family members led to Zion at my workplace, I realized our salvation entirely depends on our God. The new workplace was a place of opportunity where I could learn to obey God’s word. I want to make a resolution to make even more efforts to follow Father and Mother’s words by faithfully working at my workplace and doing the gospel work.