March 12, 2019

Only If We Preach Boldly

Seoul, Korea


I work in a dental college hospital. To display God’s glory at my workplace through good deeds, I tried to be faithful to my work at every moment and tried to look vibrant even when I was tired. Meanwhile, there was a Bible seminar at my church. I wanted anyone to listen to it, and so I invited an intern. But she said she would come next time and left although it would’ve been better if she could come.

I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but finding that people were talking about it the next day, I was taken aback. Fortunately, thanks to my boss who had had a good impression of me since I joined the hospital, nothing bad occurred. But since then, I shrank back as if preaching the news of salvation was something wrong.

Later, there came a new intern. When we became close, she asked me what I usually did on my days off. I said I went to church on Saturdays and she said excitedly, “I used to go to church for a while when I was young. But since I had a bad impression of it, I stopped attending church. But I am thinking of going to church again.”

My heart beat fast. I had wanted to preach God’s words, but I could not easily open my mouth because of what I had experienced before. I thought it was a good chance. Praying to Mother in my mind and taking courage, I asked her to come to church. She said okay gladly. From that day on, whenever I had time, I delivered the words of the Bible to her about God the Mother, the Second Coming Christ, the Passover, and so on. A few days later, she received the blessing of salvation in Zion and kept the Third-day service. On the way back home, she asked me if she could come to church on Saturday, the Sabbath day.

The sister was passionate even at home. She told her mom that she decided to go to the Church of God. Then, wanting to lead her mom, who showed a positive reaction, to Zion, she prayed for her mom every day and delivered what she learned in Zion to her. Her mom’s mind was already open that she became a child of God when she visited Zion on the way back home from the hospital where she had something to do. After that, the sister’s grandmother came to Zion, and her father, who works in another region and comes home every two months, said that he would visit Zion, too.

Although it hasn’t been long since she studied the truth, she has confidence in the truth and boldly leads her family to the truth. Seeing her, I came to think about my family who had not yet accepted the truth. Through the sister, I thought Heavenly Mother was telling me to preach with boldness because She opened the way for me. Believing that God is with me anytime and anywhere, I will boldly preach to my family and co-workers.