With a Sense of Ownership

Kim Min-tae from Seoul, Korea


“The one with a sense of responsibility is the owner, and the one without it is a guest.”

In the semester opening worship service, the words of Ahn Chang-ho, a Korean independence activist, echoed in my mind. If I take the initiative in whatever for the gospel with a sense of responsibility, I will get a good result. At the thought, my heart all of a sudden became full of excitement and anticipation; actually, I was half full of worries and half full of excitement before I started my campus life.

As the new semester began, I made many close friends, and so I had many opportunities to deliver the truth. Moreover, Zion was right in front of my college, so whenever I passed by it with them, I brought up the words of the Bible, saying, “I go to that church.” But most of them were not interested. I knew it wasn’t easy to bear fruit, but because there was no fruit at all for a long time, I got discouraged little by little.

But if I gave up easily, I couldn’t say I had the mind of an owner with responsibility. I believed God would allow me to bear fruit if I continued to make efforts without being swayed by situations. I invited my friends to the Bible seminar or I delivered the words of God briefly to them. After class, I delivered the truth to other college students with our Zion family members fervently.

Don’t they say that fruit of patience is sweet? The fragrance of Zion that says, “As I deliver the gospel earnestly without getting disappointed, God allowed me to bear fruit,” happened to me, too. The people that heard the gospel from me before became children of God one after another. One of my friends, who originally said he wasn’t interested in the Bible, came to the Bible seminar and realized the blessing of the Passover. He received the truth like an obedient lamb. One of my acquaintances finally opened his heart, after rejecting God’s blessing for three years. And there’s this brother who received the promise of a new life after hearing about the Sabbath day on the street, and since then He has kept the Sabbath.

Among the words of the sermon that I heard during the semester opening worship service, I remember the following words: “If there is a prophecy to be fulfilled in this age, there must be someone who will fulfill that prophecy.” The one who will fulfill the prophecy is the one who has ownership, and I believe that that ownership is the spirit to never give up. Although I’m lacking in many ways, if I strive to rely on God without giving up, there won’t be anything I cannot accomplish.

One more thing that I deeply realized was the power of unity. I was able to experience God’s blessing in the end without giving up because there were the brothers and sisters who prayed together and encouraged me. Even at the moment when I was about to stop making efforts, they gave me strength, “Let’s do it together!” In the case of the acquaintance who had rejected the blessing of a new life for three years, a gracious result was brought forth because a brother encouraged me to deliver the words of God again to him.

It seemed that God allowed me, who just became a young adult member, to learn many things for a short period of time so that I could grow in faith. With the mindset of an owner, I will put all my effort into the gospel, not forgetting God’s will. I will remain united with the members of Zion. I believe that if I make efforts to preach on campus where I spend most of my days, at some moment I will have become a protagonist of the prophecy, who will complete the gospel work of the whole world.