Mother’s Teaching No. 6

“Although others do not work, let us work faithfully without complaining. When we work with the mindset of an owner, we can work with joy and ease.”


We often face a situation where we have to work alone while others are not working. We may think, ‘Why aren’t they working?’ or ‘Why should I work while everyone else is doing nothing?’ However, God taught us that when we have the spirit of ownership, we can work with joy.

Let’s think about an owner and his servants. Servants do not care much about the harvest and make minimum effort. They pretend to work hard only when their master is watching because they receive their wages based on the amount of time they work.

However, an owner is different. He is always concerned about the crops in his field and tries to find better ways to take care of them. No owner stops working because others aren’t working. Whether or not others work, he focuses on his own work because he knows that all his efforts will produce a good harvest.

We are not servants but the sons who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven as the heirs of God. Every bead of sweat for the gospel will be greatly rewarded in Heaven. If we work with the spirit of ownership, reminding ourselves of the rewards and blessings that will be given to us, we will work with joy and confidence.

Now the Church of God is growing as prophesied in the Bible. It is because God Himself leads the gospel work. Even if someone does not work, no work will be left unfulfilled in the Church of God.

Therefore, we should not care if others work or not. Rather, we should work faithfully with thanksgiving since God called us who are lacking in many ways and entrusted us with the gospel. When we work faithfully with the spirit of ownership, God will be pleased and give us more blessings and grace.

Food for Thought
What is Mother’s Teaching No. 6?
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