January 15, 2020

So That There Won’t Be Any Soul Who Doesn’t Believe Because He Hasn’t Heard

Lee Gahng-hui from Incheon, Korea


“Have you heard about God the Mother?”

“No. No one in my church has taught me the Bible. I want to learn it.”

Everybody we meet says that they haven’t heard about Heavenly Mother. Santa Cruz is the capital of the Province of Laguna, where we can reach by traveling meandering mountain paths for about three hours from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. There, we met so many people who gave ear to the word of God. We, seven in all, flew to the Philippines to contribute to the movement to preach to seven billion people. Here, we offered prayers of thanks to God again and again for giving us an opportunity to preach the gospel to our hearts’ content for eight days.

It wasn’t easy to speak to people because I didn’t speak English well to say nothing of the Filipino language. I just said a few simple greeting phrases to people and stood by the Filipino brothers and sisters with a smile on my face. The brothers and sisters, who came from Quezon City to help us, preached the truth diligently, covering their noses and mouths with handkerchiefs in exhaust fumes and wiping sweat running down their faces like water with towels.

After finishing preaching on the first day, I came back to the lodging, wishing I had done better. While thinking how I could get rid of fear and preach though my language was poor, I was reminded of a sermon.

“Those who earnestly pray can receive the blessings God gives. Ask God for blessings like Jacob and Hannah.”

Jacob received blessings by wrestling with God, enduring the pain of his hip’s being wrenched. Hannah prayed, wailing, until she had Samuel her son. We need eagerness and endless prayers that can move heaven to accomplish something, but I only tried to depend on the Filipino brothers and sisters, not on God with all my heart. Repenting of my behavior, I eagerly prayed to God that night; I asked God to give me courage to preach at least one sentence of the truth to one soul.

The power of prayer was truly amazing. Surprisingly, my mouth began to open from the next day. It was like a newborn baby talking with the face and the whole body, but it was a great improvement compared with the day before. Despite my poor language ability, people stopped to listen when they heard that we had flown from Korea to deliver an important message written in the Bible. A college student, who studied the Bible briefly, visited us to after school and received the promise of a new life; a brother led one of his co-workers less than an hour after receiving the truth; a sister was reborn as Mother’s child, showing her thumbs up and saying, “Perfect,” after hearing the truth about Heavenly Mother; and a brother came to the house church later than 10 p.m. after work and became God’s child like the jailor who was baptized “at that time of the night” (Ac 16:29–33). Seeing the heavenly dispersed family members hear the voice of the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come and receive the water of life,” and come into God’s arms, as if they have been waiting to be called, I could feel once again that the truth can be understood everywhere.

Many people came to study the truth, so we quickly prepared more tables and chairs for the house church, but even that wasn’t enough; some ended up studying on the stairs. On the long-awaited Sabbath day, the house church was packed without space to set foot in. Although it must have been inconvenient to be in such a crowded place, everybody was smiling. The new brothers and sisters were happy that they could worship in spirit and truth in the true God; and the house church leaders, who had been going through many difficulties that others didn’t know about, expressed their excitement, saying that it was their first time to keep worship with so many brothers and sisters all together.

The whole time we were in Santa Cruz, we heard people say to us, “Thank you for coming here from Korea.” However, the ones who were more thankful were us; we had gone there to give help to the Zion there, but we received more help in the end. The brothers and sisters were so fervent for everything—whether it was volunteer service, being considerate of others, or preaching. They must have been tired from preaching all day, but they went straight to the kitchen to prepare food after preaching, and always gave us snacks, too, though their finance was not sufficient. Despite the hot weather that continued every day, they encouraged brothers and sisters, “Let’s go to heaven where it is not hot,” and they always looked around to see if there was anything they could do for each other. Also they didn’t forget to make sure I took a fan and an umbrella as I was clumsy.

When preaching the gospel, they were very firm and bold. I have no idea where they got that strength, but they preached the truth with all their heart whether it took two hours or three hours whenever they found someone interested in the truth; they were putting into action 100% devotion that I had always dreamed of in my mind.

While preaching without rest together with brothers and sisters, I realized even a little bit of Father and Mother’s endless sacrifice and burning hearts. One day, my feet hurt so much while I was walking on an unpaved road. Then suddenly my eyes were filled with tears. It wasn’t because my feet hurt, but because I felt so ashamed of myself and sorry to God for not having fathomed earlier from the heart how painful it must have been for Father to preach, doing the hard masonry work, and how much Mother must have suffered while walking such a long distance, holding a sack of potatoes on her head to feed Her children. For eight days I spent in the Philippines, looking for our heavenly family, every moment was a chance of realization, of repentance, and of blessing, and a chance to learn many things that I needed.

Before, I often shrunk back with a weak thought, ‘God said we can do everything through Him who gives us strength. But can I really do everything? There is nothing I am good at.’

But I am different now. I am confident that there is nothing impossible anymore because God, who loves us so much and doesn’t mind any suffering and sacrifice for us, walks with me and brothers and sisters who resemble Father and Mother are working together throughout the world.

I miss the Filipino brothers and sisters already. I eagerly pray that our promise to meet again in heaven will come true without fail. If I want this to come true, I must make an effort first. While massaging my swollen legs every night in Santa Cruz, I thought that I wouldn’t mind even if my legs hurt every day only if I could walk along our Heavenly Parents in Their sacrificial path and could find all the heavenly family members who are scattered throughout the world.

God allowed me to go to the Philippines, the land of opportunity, so that I could become a young adult like the dew faithful to the gospel work. I truly give thanks to God for entrusting this immature child with the gospel mission and granting me time to change and grow up. Thinking about God who always encourages my soul, I will work for the gospel with all my heart and soul in my given position, so that the gospel can be preached to the whole world and there won’t be any soul, not even one soul, who doesn’t believe in God Elohim because he hasn’t heard of Them.