March 10, 2019

Waves of Emotion Flowing throughout Brazil

Short-term Mission Team to Brasilia, Brazil


During the preaching festival around the last Pentecost, people got baptized every day. Our great fervor and enthusiasm for the gospel during the feasts and preaching festivals spread throughout the areas near Brasilia. After the festival, seven members went for a short-term mission to Governador Valadares, Caratinga, and Manhuacu in the state of Minas Gerais for forty days.

They left Brasilia with a strong will to find our lost brothers and sisters from heaven, and after a whole day of trip, they arrived in Governador Valadares. We had been there once for a short-term mission in February. First, we visited those whom we had met during our first mission trip.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come back. I’ve wanted to attend church after listening to the word you taught me, but I couldn’t go to any other church where there is no salvation.”

Sister Nathalia, who greeted us with a warm welcome, received the truth with a thankful heart, as she had been waiting for months. She led her husband and three daughters into the arms of God right away. Her husband too realized the prophecies of the Bible and kept worship services, praising God Elohim.

Another heavenly family member we met in Governador Valadares is Sister Cristina. She had been in a Protestant church for a long time but she got baptized immediately after studying about the heavenly family and the earthly family. She shared the blessing she received with her children, and grew up in faith in God Elohim, studying the Bible every day during the time we stayed.

In Caratinga, the second area for our mission, we met Brother Alessandro, who worked for door-to-door delivery service. We met him when he stopped by at his house during his work hours. He was respectful of the Bible and took God’s words seriously; he willingly took the time to study the Bible after his work even though it was late.

“I’ve been in many churches but there wasn’t a church that showed me the absolute truth. Thank you for delivering the good news to me. I will keep my faith in the Church of God to the end.”

As he said, he kept his faith in a godly manner, watching our church’s video sermons every day. Sister Ivanete too had been attending many other churches and looking for the true church for a long time. She accepted the truth about God the Mother and the Passover with gladness when she met us. Although she had to sleep during the day because she worked night shifts, she made time every morning to study, thirsty for the word of God. In Caratinga, most of the houses are built in the mountains. Among them, our sister’s house was almost at the top of the mountain. But she kept worship services with her son, going up and down the steep mountains. We can’t forget the time in Manhuacu, the last place for our mission. We preached God’s word diligently for a week, but no one showed interest in the truth. The heavenly family members who were found after our unity and endurance made our time more valuable and precious.

Brother Jose and Sister Ingridi are a couple who had been following another denomination. The brother especially had strong confidence in his faith that he only let us talk after he finished what he wanted to say first. But as we let him know through the Bible the existence of God the Mother, he showed an unexpected reaction.

“I did not know that Mother exists in the Bible.”

When we showed them the truth about the Sabbath and the Passover, they both came into the arms of God like gentle lambs and started their new life of faith in the Church of God. When the couple saw with their own eyes the prophecies about Christ who came a second time in the Bible, they were greatly moved and kept all the worship services.

We could almost pass by Brother Rafael and Sister Gisele because their house was deep inside the road. We could meet them because their daughters, who were playing near the road, led us to the house just in time. We felt we didn’t have enough time as it was only three days before the end of the short-mission trip, but they realized Heavenly Father and Mother and received the blessing of a new life.

The preaching trip for forty days was completed after finding more than sixty heavenly family members. We give thanks to God for granting us such a gracious result.

The gospel has been preached in almost all regions where we can reach in a day by car from Brasilia. Once again, we will be united with the Aracaju Church in Brazil and leave for a short-term mission to Alagoinhas in Bahia and Arapiraca in Alagoas. It’s a long distance that we have to take an airplane to Aracaju, and then a bus, but there is no reason for us to hesitate when we think of the heavenly family members who must be earnestly waiting for the news of salvation. We will walk the path of the gospel without stop until all the towns and streets in Brazil overflow with God’s grace of salvation.