North America

The gospel is being preached to the land of freedom and dreams,
and many people come to enjoy the true freedom

North America

Where the world mission began

The gospel was preached first in Los Angeles, U.S. in 1997. Since then the Church of God has established its branches in all the 50 states of America. Even in Canada, the gospel is actively being preached to all the regions, centered on Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto that represent eastern and western Canada.

People from inside and outside of North America are surprised to see the locals streaming to the Church of God which started in Korea. We practice love, which is core teaching of the new covenant, and have reestablished the values of Christianity in the Church of God where everyone is in great harmony, regardless of national, ethnic, and cultural boundaries.

We will continue to diligently deliver the truth and love to all the regions of North America, the land of freedom and dreams, so that everyone, who longs for freedom and happiness, can come to God the Mother who is free and gives true freedom.