January 7, 2021

Snow Removal Services in Korea

For the Safe Winter of Local Residents



In the midst of surprise snowstorms in majority of places in Korea, the cold wave from the Arctic added salt to the wound on January 6. As the layers of snow stacked up and froze, there were a series of damages, including heavy traffic congestion on people’s way to and from work, freezing and bursting of water meters, and cold related illnesses. In Chungnam Province and some areas of Jeonbuk Province, much damage was done on crops and livestock. The heavy snowfall on Hallasan Mountain caused the thickness of the layers of snow to be 136.3 cm [53.7 inches] at its highest as of January 9 in Jejudo Province where cold wave warning was issued in 57 years; a majority of operations of aircrafts and passenger ships were suspended.​

The Church of God members in about 140 areas, including Seoul, Incheon, Seongnam, and Jeonju, volunteered to remove snow from January 7, hoping that their neighbors would spend their winter in safety. Despite the cold waves, they picked up spades and brooms and removed snow in residential areas, sloping roads, and the roads around elementary schools, where negligent accidents and traffic congestion were likely to occur, while strictly adhering to the COVID-19 prevention guidelines. They scooped out snow that was heaped up overnight, broke into pieces hard crusts of unmelted snow that was frozen due to the freezing weather and the shade, and finished off with spreading calcium chloride over the frozen ground.

Lee Sahng-hui the leader of the community service center in Nakseongdae-dong, Seoul, appreciated their efforts, saying, “We had much difficulty with removing snow. Thanks to your help, we were able to quickly finish removing snow on sloping roads where cars found it difficult to get through.”