Work Mission Regular Gathering for the Second Half of 2019

The power of unity and obedience shines in workplaces

September 8, 2019 531 Views

To practice the words of Christ, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” in their workplaces, the Church of God young adult workers established the Work Mission by region and by occupation, actively carrying out the mission work and volunteer services.

The Work Mission Regular Gathering for the Second Half of 2019 held at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple on September 8 was for young adults from many Work Missions in Korea to strengthen their faith through the words of the Bible and confirm the gospel vision through various programs such as case presentations and talks.

At the worship service, the first part of the event, Mother repeatedly complimented the young adults on displaying God’s glory through their constant good deeds despite hard work life, following the teachings of the Bible, and prayed for their overflowing blessings. “You are the very protagonists of the prophecy, who are approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel,” Mother gave them a sense of pride. “I hope you will learn the faith and courage of the forefathers of faith, who followed the love and examples of God who opened the way of salvation without sparing His life, taking pity on the lost children. Let’s strive to save souls in each situation and receive all the awards reserved in the kingdom of heaven (1 Th 2:3–4; Ac 5:38–42; Mt 27:27–38; Col 3:23–25; 2 Jn 1:8),” said Mother.

The second part of the event began with the awards ceremony. Fourteen Work Missions that have set examples of good deeds, working hard at workplaces, were awarded. After that, young adult workers wittily reported the result of activities for the first half of 2019 and the excellent activities carried out around the world in the form of news. One of the activities that received most attention was the Lunchbox of Love. It was to deliver encouraging messages to co-workers who were exhausted from their work, along with lunchboxes and snacks prepared with sincerity. Besides this, the young adults shared inspiration with their co-workers by inviting them to the Healing Seminar for Workers, the Father’s True Heart Exhibition, and the “Our Mother” Writing and Photo Exhibition, trying to make their workplace full of empathy and consideration. During the summer vacation, they delivered Lunchboxes of Love in other countries with local members and spent meaningful time, conducting volunteer services such as street cleanups, blood drives, and free Korean language classes.

“Father must be greatly moved to see you sailing the ocean of the prophecy on the ship you made with dreams. Engrave the words, ‘Love is the greatest of all’ on your heart and fulfill the hope and goal, accompanying God who is love,” Mother said, encouraging them again. General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol put an emphasis on the value of obedience and said, “As long as we pay attention to Mother’s words and do as we realize the will and direction of God’s words, we can get blessed results even in the same place and with the same method. Let us continue to joyfully devote ourselves to the work of God as Mother says, so that we may be written in the New Book of Acts.”

“We hope that the workplace where we spend most of the day will be the place of sharing God’s love and blessings,” said young adult workers in unison after the regular gathering. “The word of the Bible we study together every morning helps us spend the day with a good heart and a smile. I will do my best for my co-workers who work hard from early in the morning to be comforted in God,” said Brother Kim Han-eol (from Gimhae, Korea), who works in a livestock product processing company, expressing his resolution.