78th Overseas Visiting Group

Be a Great Prophet Awakening the Age


November 6, 2023 3553 Views

In obedience to God’s command to save 8 billion people, prophets of this age, leading the gospel with strong faith and passion, congregated in Korea from across the globe. The 78th Overseas Visiting Group comprises 150 pastoral staff members representing 26 countries, such as the U.S., Austria, South Africa, Cameroon, Mexico, Argentina, Mongolia, and Nepal. Arriving one after another starting from November 2, they stayed for approximately a week, refining the virtues essential for pastoral staff and expanding their perspectives through diverse itineraries.

Some arrived in Korea within a few hours, while others took a couple of days. Mother warmly welcomed them, affectionately referring to them as “God’s treasures.” She provided solace to each of them who had faced numerous challenges in diverse environments, holding their hands, addressing them by name, and bestowing blessings for abundant gifts, so that they would become influential prophets, nurturing many gospel workers. Each member of the visiting group conveyed their love, gratitude, longing, and repentance to Mother with sincere hearts. “Let us eternally cherish the grace and sacrifice of Heavenly Father. With compassionate hearts, let us earnestly share the message of salvation with all the souls gripped by fear amid calamities and disasters. Let us diligently work toward establishing the kingdom of heaven in accordance with the prophecies of the Bible.” As Mother’s words were translated into various languages, the resounding “Amen” from the pastoral staff reverberated throughout the temple.

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol, through sermons and special lectures, imparted fundamental knowledge about being a prophet and emphasized the gospel vision, stressing the significance of faith in God, an attitude of obedience, and the importance of unity. “While the number 8 billion may seem overwhelming, with the assistance of Almighty God, the evangelization of mankind will undoubtedly be accomplished. Let us, with mature faith, share the word of God with all nations at the opportune moment, awaken our brothers and sisters, and encourage them to diligently fulfill their mission. In doing so, we can become outstanding and proud children in the memory of Heavenly Mother.”

The visiting group’s itinerary included not only diverse educational programs but also visits to the History Museum of the Church of God, the “Father’s True Heart” Exhibition, the “Our Mother” Writing & Photo Exhibition, “Media’s Views,” and trips to training institutes and local churches. Through these activities, the pastoral staff reflected on the path of love that Heavenly Father and Mother traversed, gaining insight into the current state of the gospel, which has flourished on the foundation of Their sacrifice.

Despite the sudden temperature drop caused by autumn rain on weekdays, everyone executed their schedules seamlessly, guided by the meticulous care and attention of Heavenly Mother. An Indian pastoral staff member, with a bright smile, inquired about the purpose of a scarf after receiving it for the first time in sudden cold weather. There was a Peruvian pastoral staff member, navigating the challenges of spreading the gospel in Brazil where language and culture are unfamiliar. Though each person’s circumstances and backgrounds differed, their mindset remained the same. During moments of free time, the pastoral staff approached Heavenly Mother, seeking blessings for their local churches and world evangelism. They committed to conveying the love, inspiration, and teachings received from Heavenly Mother to the brothers and sisters in their home countries, fervently igniting the flame of the Holy Spirit even more passionately.

Missionary Enos Mutazu from Harare, Zimbabwe, returned to Korea after more than a decade and shared, “My perspective and understanding deepened significantly since coming to Korea as a pastoral staff member. Inspired by the sacrificial example set by Heavenly Mother, I am committed to carrying out my duties with love, patience, and action.” Deacon Mukesh Kujur from CG Raigarh, India, expressed, “This visit revealed to me the immense love of Heavenly Mother. Upon my return to India, I will convey Mother’s love to my Zion family as it is and strive to become a prophet assisting Mother.”

On November 6, a special lecture on “The Role of the Pastoral Staff for Fulfilling the World Mission” took place in the seminar room of the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple. Approximately 600 pastoral staff members, including domestic church leaders and overseas visiting members, were in attendance.

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol assumed the role of the speaker and asserted, “The fulfillment of world evangelism is a divine undertaking predetermined by God” (Mt 24:14). Encouraging a steadfast belief in God’s promise, akin to Joshua and Caleb, he urged everyone to boldly preach the gospel, providing specific and practical guidance for church operations in alignment with the gospel environment.

Participants contemplated the vision of preaching to the 8 billion people and reaffirmed their dedication to the prophet’s mission. Missionary Anthony Martin from Denver, CO, U.S. expressed, “This was a moment where I gained a clear sense of direction for the gospel. Upon my return to America, I’ll be committed to putting into practice everything I learned during this journey, fulfilling the mission across the vast North American continent by collaborating with the pastoral staff and the church members.”