Arise & Shine Global Bible Seminar 2019

The existence of Elohim and the value of the new covenant presented by speakers from five countries

South Korea

April 4, 2019 8276 Views

On April 4, when the General Assembly was in full swing, the Arise & Shine Global Bible Seminar 2019 was held at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple. It was organized with the aim of helping people know the truth of the new covenant and leading them to salvation. The pastoral staff members from all around the world and the members from nearby regions attended the seminar, filling the main worship hall and the subsidiary facilities including the seminar room.

The seminar started with Mother’s prayer; Mother prayed that all seven billion people would realize the truth of salvation. Eight speakers from five countries—Germany, U.S., Argentina, Peru, and India—gave TED*-style talks in various themes based on the Bible such as “Who Is Your Mentor?” “The Importance of Breast Milk the White Blood,” and “God Elohim: the Creators Signature,” grafting them onto biology, medical science, pedagogy, humanities, modern and contemporary history, art, and so on.

*A TED talk is a presentation on ideas worth spreading at the main TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) conference, covering all topics.

The attendees at the seminar confirmed the existence of Elohim—the Creators and Saviors of mankind—and the value of the truth of the new covenant. They agreed with the common message of the speakers: “Let’s quickly preach the good news of salvation to seven billion people who are thirsting for the truth.”

“I’ve realized clearly that we easily can find the proof of God’s existence through the nature around us. I will do my best to preach about Elohim the Creator and the kingdom of heaven to all Japanese people,” said Missionary Hayami Kensaku from Osaka, Japan. “Religion is often passed down across generations like cultures and traditions.

The mission of a prophet is to teach people the words of the Bible as it says, so that they can understand the truth and choose the right religion,” said Missionary Yim Ja-rang from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, expressing his determination to give further impetus to the spreading of the gospel.

Mother applauded the speakers and said, “You powerfully testified to the truth just as Peter and John did 2,000 years ago.” Mother blessed all Zion members, “Let’s diligently preach the words of life and achieve a greater miracle than that of the early Church that led five thousand people to salvation in one day.” General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol concluded the seminar by wishing that all brothers and sisters all over the world, including the pastoral staff, as well as the attendees of the seminar would fully understand the truth and have firm faith to proclaim the good news of salvation.

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