Give a Cheerful High Five!


High five is an action to celebrate victory or to express happiness in which two people raise one arm each and hit their open hands together. Sports players often do high fives to improve teamwork during games. A study says that the teams with good results often had a light physical touch like high fives, handshakes, and hugs among the players.

Another study says that the students whose teachers patted them on the back or arm to encourage them participated in class activities nearly twice more than other students.

Just as you clap your hands unawares when you’re excited, clapping makes you feel positive, refreshed, pleasant, and even confident. Clapping hands is good for health, too!

Do high fives in the following situations.
When leaving home in the morning
When returning home after work
When complimenting your family member on his/her good job
When cheering for your family member
When you do high fives, make eye contact and smile.
Make a sound with a moderate intensity.
The whole family gather round and clap each other’s hands, lifting their both arms.
When you do high fives with your child, you can make it fun by avoiding his/her hand or changing your hand’s position.