Just Like Down Wool That Spread in All Directions


In a town, there was a woman who liked to talk about other people. So the people who were heartbroken by her went to a sage and complained about it.

“She starts rumors about my mistakes.”

“As she adds it on, it’s uncomfortable to hear even a trivial thing.”

“She told me that I am a good eater, but she speaks ill of me before others that I am a glutton.”

After listening to the complaints, the sage let them go back and called the woman in.

“Go up on the roof and cut a pillow with scissors. Then come back to me.”

The woman did not know the reason, but she did as she was told because it was spoken by the wise man who was respected by all people.

“How did it go?”

“The down wool inside the pillow spread and flew away.”

“Now get them back without missing a single one.”

“Sorry? How can I collect them?”

“The same is true of the words spoken once.”

The woman understood the will of the sage, and did no longer speak ill of others.