Keep My Family Healthy!


“To the well man, every day is a feast” (Turkey), “A good wife and health are a man’s best wealth” (U.K.), “We realize the importance of health and youth after losing them” (Arab), “Anybody who thinks money is everything has never been sick” (In the West) . . .

Every country has at least one proverb about health because everyone knows the importance of health. If any part of our body such as eyes, teeth, spine, stomach, and skin is not healthy, our whole body will suffer. You can’t stress enough the importance of health.

This month, let us take care of our family health, just as we take care of our own health. Care and consideration for our family health is to keep happiness of the family!

Have breakfast with your family.
Use stairs instead of elevators.
Walk if you go to somewhere close.
Take a walk or exercise with your family.
Avoid junk foods and habits harmful to health.
Check if your parents have the medical checkup.
Keep regular sleeping hours.
Have less time for TV, computer, and smart phone use.
Make your parents health food.
Present a gift that is helpful for health.
Laugh much and make your family laugh.