欲作家書說苦辛 恐敎愁殺白頭親
陰山積雪深千丈 却報今冬暖似春
When I send a letter home, I was going to mention my troubles,
But I was worried that my gray-haired parents might become anxious,
So although heavy snow has covered this shadowy mountain,
I wrote that this winter is as warm as a spring day.

This is part of the poem named “Gigaseo” (which means a letter sent home) that was written by a civil servant, Lee Ahn-nul, when he was the governor of Hamgyeongbuk-do the northernmost province, in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. Although he went through difficulties while living far from home, he wrote to his parents in a way that was different from the real condition. The writer’s love and consideration towards his parents is expressed in the letter.

As the pain of a child is the pain of his or her parents, children who are considerate of their parents do not reveal their feelings even though they are distressed. Nevertheless, parents do not fail to notice it—it’s truly amazing.

God engraved each and every child on the palms of His hands (Isa 49:16), and is always concerned about the safety of our souls. God knows everything—even our anxieties. It will be good if we understand God as much as He is considerate of us.

We hope that you will shake off the burdens in your minds, and fill them with the hope for heaven.

We hope that Heavenly Father and Mother will feel warm and comfortable even in the cold of winter as if it is a spring day.