Have a Happy Morning!

A new day opens in the morning. A happy morning leads to a happy day, and every happy day leads to a happy life.


At the question, “What word comes up in your mind when you think of a morning?” some may say sunshine, dew, stretch, refreshing, and opportunity, and some others may say haste, oversleeping, lateness, busy, and tired. The words people associated with morning show a rough picture of how they actually spend their mornings.

On New Year’s Day every year, sunrise spots across the country are crowded with people who want to start the new year by watching the first sunrise. The beginning of a year is the first day of the New Year, and the beginning of a day is the morning. A good morning is the key to a good day; because it is more likely that a happy morning makes you happy the whole day. It is not an exaggeration to say that a morning is a golden time that affects your whole life because a morning affects your day, and days become months, years, and your entire life in the end.

“The morning has gold in its mouth” (Italy), “God helps the early riser” (Spain), “Morning is wiser than evening” (Russia), “Morning is time to make money” (France), “Yearly plans are set in the spring and daily plans in the morning” (China). Both in the East and the West, there are many proverbs teaching the importance of morning time.

A biorhythm sets your body working when the sun rises, and resting when it gets dark. When biorhythms break, cell activities such as hormone secretion and metabolism get confused, and it is easy to cause fatigue, depression, and diseases. Biorhythms are closely related to the secretion of serotonin and melatonin in the brain. In order for these hormones to be secreted properly, you should have desirable morning habits. Let’s learn good habits that will make your precious morning happy and pleasant.

Get up with gratitude

The first thing to do in the morning is to get out of bed. It would be nice if you open your eyes naturally and get up easily when it’s time to wake up, but it is not. Thinking, ‘Five more minutes,’ you are likely to fall into the temptation to stay longer in the bed. If you don’t get out of bed but keep dawdling, you will only want to sleep more.

There is something to remember then. The blessing is not sleeping more, but being able to wake up. A human life cannot be guaranteed. Since going to bed and getting up is repeated, you may take it for granted. But no one can make sure that he will wake up the next morning. It can never be a matter of course to wake up safely in the morning without any trouble the previous night.

Let’s make it a habit to giving thanks for a new morning as soon as we wake up. A thankful heart motivates you to overcome the desire to sleep more and get up in a good mood.

Smile and say positive words

What is your first word after waking up in the morning? The word must be positive. If you say, “Is it morning already? I don’t want to get up,” your action slows down and you don’t feel refreshed. Even if you are tired and sleepy, stretch yourself out and say, “Oh, it’s a fresh morning,” “I slept well. I’ll be happy today, too.” When you say so with your mouth, you will really feel good as it is stamped on your brain. The brain moves more actively when it feels good. If you say so with a bright smile, looking in the mirror, you will feel confident, too.

The first word you say to yourself in the morning should be positive; and to your family, too, you should speak in a positive way to share a good morning. No one feels good after being nagged, corrected, and ordered from the morning. When you get out of bed, greet your family with a bright smile. “Good morning!” “Sweet dreams?” If you greet them brightly, you will feel better and get some power.

Wake up your family with love

To be happy in the morning, every family member should feel good. However, while waking up a family member who doesn’t get up in time, you may get angry or yell. Then the person who is forced to get up too gets irritated, of course. If you feel uncomfortable from the moment you open your eyes, both you and the person who wakes you up will ruin the morning of each other.

Usually the mother wakes up her children. While waking up the children, she should never distress them by yelling at them, shaking them, and taking up the bed. If they get up, irritated, it is hard to eat breakfast in a pleasant mood. When they go to school with a bad feeling, it is hard to get along well with their friends or to enjoy studying.

If you want to see your child waking up with a smile, you should wake him up pleasantly. Tell him in a friendly voice why he should get up or massage his limbs so that he can feel mom’s love. You can play the child’s favorite music or read him a short story. It is important to take care of his emotional state and let him greet the morning without stress.

Have breakfast

To start a day powerfully, both the mind and the body must be charged with energy. In other words, you should eat breakfast. Among three meals a day, the most important meal is breakfast. Morning is usually more than ten hours away from the dinner time the previous day, so the stomach is empty and the blood sugar level is low.

If you skip breakfast and start working, you will run out of energy in the morning; your work and study efficiency will decrease; and you will overeat during lunch or dinner to fill up the nutrients you haven’t had in the morning. If you overeat in the evening, you will feel bloated and can’t get a good sleep. It will even affect your condition the next day.

Breakfast keeps not only the individual’s health but also that of the family by strengthening the family bonds. Just as sports players gather in a circle and shout for victory before the game, breakfast is like a time for the family to build teamwork for an energetic day. Having a meal, facing each other around the table, may sound trivial, but there is a definite difference between the family that has breakfast together and the family that doesn’t before they are scattered to their respective jobs.

Making a habit of getting up early

It is written in the Bible, “The desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.” Among the great people who have been respected or have lived a successful life, there is rarely lazy and idle person.

The most striking feature of diligent people is that they get up early in the morning. The easiest way to ruin the morning is to oversleep. If you wake up late and are pressed for time, you become impatient and are likely to irritate your family. When there are many family members, conflicts can arise due to the order of using the bathroom.

When we have enough time by getting up early, you can express more positive words and have breakfast at the right time. You can also be considerate of others by avoiding the busy time to use the bathroom. If you get up earlier, you can start what you have been postponing on the pretext that you have been busy.

Even a late riser wakes up early in the morning on a picnic day. In order to get up early in the morning, you should fall into sleep with expectations the previous night. When you look forward to the next morning with expectations rather than falling asleep with annoyance and tiredness, you can get up more easily.

It is written in the Great Learning, one of the Chinese classics, “If you can renovate yourself on a day, do so from day to day. Yea, let there be daily renovation.” A morning light pushes out darkness and brightens the world. We often liken a new hope that comes our way while suffering hardship and pain to light. So, the morning that comes with light must be the gift that God gives to humans every day so that they can start a new life every day.

Will you enjoy your precious morning when all things start anew, or spend it in a hurry? No matter what you do, if you do together than alone, you will be more encouraged and more likely to succeed. If your family members have had a busy morning separately to go out quickly without taking care of each other, though living together, why don’t you become a morning family from now on? Get up early with gratitude, exchange warm greetings with each other, relax with a light stretch, chat friendly, and have breakfast together. When you start your day pleasantly, you will be happy all day long. It will be a wonderful day for all your family!