Anger at Ebb Tide, Laughter at Flood Tide!


Sea levels repeat rise and fall by the invisible force between the Moon and the Earth. The phenomenon of seawater flowing away from the shore is called ebb, and the opposite is called flow. The sea gets purified in this process.

Sometimes, our mind is likened to the sea, and we need psychological ebb and flow, because our mind is purified as emotional impurities like irritation and anger are pushed away at ebb tide and laughter surges into our hearts at flood tide.

Laughter comes from positive thinking, right? For a month, let’s clean up our mind and make our home overflow with laughter!

When you are angry, take your time rather than reacting immediately.
Think objectively about why you are angry and if you need to burst out into anger.
Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
Shake off negative feelings quickly and fill yourself with positive thinking.
Lift the corners of your mouth to make a smile.
Get close to the writings or pictures that make you happy.
Think about what you are thankful for to the other person.
Make the other person laugh.