Like Planting a Tree

Ryu Mun-suk from Sydney, Australia


There is a tree-planting day in Australia. Australia puts a lot of efforts into planting and taking care of trees because its land is wide and has lots of plants and parks. Our Sydney Zion members decided to support the government work for National Tree Day 2018.

When we arrived at the park on the day of our volunteer service, the park keepers were waiting for us with seedlings and planting tools. The work seemed easy because they had already dug the hole to plant the seedlings. But before long, we realized that planting a tree was not simple; depending on how we planted a tree, the tree could grow well or die.

The method of planting trees was complicated. We had to check if the depth of a hole was appropriate and if the soil that covered the root was hardened enough to endure rain and wind. After we planted a tree, we had to water it enough so that it wouldn’t get dry while taking roots.

I thought delivering the word of God is the same. Its purpose is not just to impart knowledge of the Bible, but to save souls. I will do my best for the seeds—God’s words—which I sowed to take deep root in the mind of those who heard them, and to grow as strong trees.