Be Calm like Water, Not like Cola!


Have you ever opened a bottle of coke thoughtlessly which spewed carbonated bubbles out of control? There are times when people act like a cola. It is when they cannot tolerate irritation, anger, or rage and let it out as they feel. For any reason, if you lose your temper, you feel down and uncomfortable. But others will feel worse.

There are many things that do not come up to your expectation, and sometimes you may feel frustrated due to communication problems with others, but you cannot get angry every time. Wouldn’t it be better to control your anger wisely than to get angry and regret? Let’s promise not to burst into sudden anger this month just as water keeps its calmness no matter how much it is shaken.

When you are angry, count ten seconds.
Put yourself in the other person’s situation.
Do not get angry at an unrelated person.
Recall the merits of the person who made you angry.
Do not think you are 100% right.
Have a happy and pleasant thought always and laugh a lot.
Even if someone gets mad at you, do not get angry with the person in the same way.
Do not think, ‘How can he do that?’ but think, ‘It can happen!’ instead.
In case of conflict, step back if not important.