October 20, 2020

Priming Effect


If an athlete or a sporting team that lost an important match appears in a commercial, you will not feel reliance on the product advertising. This is not groundless. The priming effect which is widely used as a marketing method explains why. In psychology, priming is an implicit memory effect in which exposure to one stimulus influences a response to another stimulus.

People tend to have positive feelings about things after they are primed by positive feelings; and negative feelings after they are primed by negative feelings. For this reason, one of the world famous beverage companies makes it a rule not to send out their commercials after a serious discussion programme or the news about accidents. Otherwise, it may water down a good image of the product.

We can see how priming works in human relationships as well. When you face someone after hearing a good evaluation on him, you will treat him in a favorable way.

We were called by God as an instrument to display the glory of God. What we say and what we do as God’s children affect the image of God. Priming effect of the gospel is to bring glory to God through our good words and deeds.