Let’s Play ‘The Glad Game’


Pollyanna, the major character in the American novel Pollyanna published in 1913, is a very positive character who finds joy anytime, anywhere, and in any matter. For example, when she came to live in the attic with no window curtains, she said she was so glad to have nothing that screened the view outside the window. When she was late for supper and had to only eat bread and milk, she said, “I like bread and milk!” Her positive way of thinking called “The Glad Game” spread throughout the town, making even gloomy face relax into a broad smile.

It is not always when something excellent happens that we are glad and happy. Happiness and unhappiness depend on how we accept a given situation. Shall we play Pollyanna’s Glad Game with our family this month? It is to find the joy that is hidden in our daily life and sometimes disguised as unhappiness. Happiness won’t disappear as long as the game is on.

Greet with a big smile.
When your thoughts become negative, make them positive by saying, “Despite that, I’m glad …”
Write down the joy you found during the day in a notebook.
Talk to your family about the joy you found during the day.
At the end of your words, say, “So I like it,” “I’m glad,” or “I’m happy.”
Ask your family, “Anything good happened today?”
Spend time with books or music that induce positive thinking.