Thoughtful Friendship


“Hey, buddy! I finally found someone who would buy your painting!”

A nameless painter was glad to hear his friend’s words, but on the other hand, he had a feeling of doubt because his paintings with views of simple rural landscapes had been ignored in the art world.

“He even asked me to pick a picture instead, paying the deposit. Here it is.”

The friend handed a bunch of bills to the painter and returned with a piece of painting. The money not only saved the family of the unknown painter suffering from a deprived life, but also gave hope to the man having a hard time.

Since then, his works began to receive favorable reviews from the art world and his life became stable. One day, the painter came to visit his friend’s house. Then, he found a painting hanging in the house and could not help being surprised. It was because the painting was what his friend had bought long ago at the request of someone else.

This is an anecdote about the French representative artist Jean Francois Millet who left such masterpieces as The Angelus and The Gleaners and his close friend and fellow painter Theodor Rousseau. Rousseau, who wanted to help his friend in difficulty, was very considerate of even his feelings.