Versatile Mom

Lee Jeong-yeon from Bucheon, South Korea


“Mom, I will grow to be a mom.”


“You can hold toilet rolls with one hand and hold my hand with the other hand.”

I don’t remember, but my mom told me that I said that when I was four years old. On the way back home from a market, my mom used to grab my hand with one hand, holding a pack of toilet rolls with the other hand. At that time, she must have looked great in my eyes. Considering that I was as tall as a pack of toilet rolls, I might have thought that.

Now I am taller than my mother. But still, my mother is so great to me; she does without a problem what I can’t do even after I become an adult. There is nothing she can’t do with her hands; wallpapering, furniture reform, knitting, clothes repair, and even haircut. Thanks to her, almost all problems are solved at home without any other’s help.

A few days ago, when I came back home, all the furniture was separated a little from the wall. Mom was doing the wallpapering. She said that she was doing it as a season changed and the wallpaper got dirty. Before, I also cared about the stains on the wallpaper, but I was tired and irritated.

“I wanted to sleep right after washing, but what is this?”

Mom finished wallpapering without a word. On that day, my room became clean and neat thanks to her touch full of love. Especially the green wallpaper I can see, entering the room, is really pretty. Whenever I see the wallpaper, I feel sorry to Mom for not having helped her because of my selfishness.

From the past to now, Mom’s work is endless. My cute scarf that many friends admired in my elementary school days was Mom’s work, and the cushion that I sit on while studying at home was also a Mom-made work. It was also Mom who dyed my new shoes another color when I said that I didn’t like the color and lengthened a little short skirt that made me hesitant to put on. However, Mom had never used her skills for herself. It was all the touch of love and sacrifice only for her family.

My mom is so versatile that she can do everything! Thanks to my mom, I sometimes hear that I also have manual dexterity, but I will never be able to keep up with Mom’s silent, great love.