January 15, 2021

I Am Always on Your Side

Kang Min-seo from Seongnam, Korea


When I was a high school senior, whenever I needed pocket money, I used to sell my articles online rather than ask my parents for allowance. Trade of used articles seemed to have many advantages; I could not only make pocket money but also clear away the items I no longer used, and I could have a sense of economy. Fascinated by used goods trade, I thought over how to make a profit through the trade although I outwardly seemed to study hard in the reading room like other students.

While spending precious time on buying and selling things, Scholastic Aptitude Test was just around the corner. One day, I received a call from the police station. I was told that I had to be investigated for fraud. At the call like a bolt out of the blue, I looked back upon the past. A suspicious deal came to my mind. As a result of digging up the case, it turned out that the person who wanted to buy one of my items let another person remit the money and he himself snatched the goods. Since the remitter did not receive what I had sent, he misunderstood that I, the seller, took the money without sending the item.

The police contacted my parents because I was a minor. That day, my father called me into his room. Just like a sheep being dragged to the slaughterhouse, I was afraid to see him. When I opened his room in fear, my father’s face took on a set expression. The words I had organized in my head vanished, and I explained the case from beginning to end incoherently. Hearing me out, my father opened his mouth.

“That’s your insistence. As the investigators have already regarded you as a fraud, do you think they will believe your words? But even if the investigators suspect you and treat you as a criminal, I am always on your side and trust you.”

At the moment, my fear disappeared and a sense of relief flooded over me. Father did not scold me but rather comforted me, who should have focused only on studying but was fascinated by something else and even summoned by the police. After three or four times of investigations, the truth was revealed and I was found innocent, and I was also able to take the SAT exam safely.

Previously, I didn’t know that my father thought of me that much. But come to think of it, my father was always beside me whenever I was in trouble. His warm words given to me on that day raise me up whenever I go through hard times.