Doing My Best

Lee Gyeong-ja from Suwon, Korea


Two years ago, I had a cancer surgery. After the surgery, I was admitted to a convalescent hospital to receive cancer treatment. One day, I was knitting on a terrace when one kind-hearted patient approached me for a talk. We soon made friends with each other. She was indeed very gentle in character, which I could deduce from her first impression.

Even after I was discharged from the hospital, I continued to stay in contact with her. When I heard of the news that a concert would be held in a nearby Church, I invited her to the concert. I was afraid that she would reject my invitation, but she willingly agreed to come. After the concert was over, she complimented it, saying, “It was truly a beautiful concert. Thank you so much for inviting me to this wonderful event.” I was encouraged by her positive response, and so I invited her to “Our Mother” Writing & Photo Exhibition held at Dongtan Church in Hwaseong. She was deeply moved at the exhibition as well, and received a new life as a child of God like a gentle lamb, after fully understanding the truth of Heavenly Mother.

The sister said she didn’t want to attend any church although she had been invited to various churches before, but surprisingly, she didn’t feel any discomfort when I invited her to the Church of God and she really liked it. Then she asked me what she should do to obey God’s will. Explaining one by one, I got mixed feelings.

After the cancer surgery, I was having hard times during cancer treatment sessions. While listening to one sermon, however, I heard that overseas members were keeping their faith with all their heart to receive God’s blessings despite poor circumstances, which enlightened me. My illness was bearable compared to the hardships they encountered in life, such as deterioration of health, worries of this life, and unavoidable disasters, all of which they endured patiently with the hope for Heaven.

I made a resolution not to stop running toward the Kingdom of Heaven. I began to exercise, instead of remaining idle with an excuse that I had no energy, and received comfort from God through worship services. As a result, my prognosis was good.

Before getting ill, I had prayed only for myself. However, after finding that there are many brothers and sisters who are in even more difficult situations, keeping their faith, I began to pray more for my brothers and sisters. I never forgot to pray for evangelists, particularly, who dedicate themselves to preaching the Gospel. It was around that time when the sister was led to Zion.

While receiving the blessing of health and fruit, I could deeply feel the power of God’s word that we would be righteous if we carefully obey all the laws of God (Dt 6:25). Everyone in this world goes through hardships. However, God gives us the strength to overcome hardships. I will never lose courage and hope though hardships may come my way, but stand firm to the end, cherishing God’s will and thinking of my brothers and sisters.