November 16, 2020

The LORD Will Make You the Head, Not the Tail

Choi Byeong-ho from Brisbane, Australia


It has been almost eight years since I came to Australia. When I first came to Australia, I was new in the truth; it had been only a few months since I had received the truth. To say nothing of understanding Heavenly Father and Mother’s love and sacrifice, I didn’t even know the basic truths fully. So it was not like I had come overseas for the mission or with the plan to preach overseas like the sincere gospel workers.

While I was living in Adelaide for three years, my faith started to grow. While studying the Bible and participating in preaching continually, I could feel my soul grow little by little. After realizing the mission and blessing of the gospel, I was just thankful at the thought of giving joy to Heavenly Father and Mother by finding my lost brothers and sisters whom They are waiting for. Now I am carrying out the gospel duty with a thankful heart in Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia.

Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland, which is one of the six Australian states. With the determination to turn Queensland into Mother’s Land, we all made efforts to shine the light of Mother’s glory. Something very special happened to our brothers and sisters here; the Brisbane Church received the 2017 Cleaner Suburbs Awards as our cleanup campaigns, which we’ve been doing continually for the past few years, bore a good result.

I got emotional while I was on the way to the city hall with the missionary of the Brisbane Church and some brothers and sisters to participate in the awards ceremony. Actually, the city hall street in the center of Brisbane is so familiar for us that we can even picture it; it is close to the church, and there is a big square called King George Square in front of the city hall, which is always crowded with local people and foreigners. We went there day and night to preach the gospel and God allowed us many fruits there.

Although we went the square so many times, we had never been inside the city hall. It is because people cannot enter without permission, and it didn’t seem that we would do something related to the government or meet public officials. However, the door to the Brisbane City Hall was open wide for us as we were chosen for the award.

That day, awards were given for groups and individuals in twelve categories. As we entered the event hall, people congratulated us from here and there. Unlike all the other awardees who just received the plaques and had pictures taken, our church was given time to say a few words on receiving the award. Our missionary went up to the front as the representative and boasted about the Church of God and about Heavenly Father and Mother in front of the Mayor of Brisbane, local representatives, and many other public figures who were invited there. I was overwhelmed. My heart burned even more when I heard a round of applause from the attendants.

When the award ceremony was over, the mayor and some local representatives came to us first and asked us where the Church of God was. They said that they wanted to know about our church and do the cleanup campaign together with us, and that they would support us actively. I couldn’t tell if I was awake or dreaming.

We were going to take another picture in the square after the award ceremony was over. When I was posing to take a picture, tears gushed out before I knew it. While looking at the big square, I remembered vividly all the moments I preached there with the brothers and sisters.

While preaching there, I had never imagined that the day would come for us to enter the city hall and receive a great award in front of local representatives and boast about our Heavenly Mother and the Church of God.

“ ‘I will give you honor and praise among all the peoples of the earth . . .’ says the LORD.” Zep 3:20

“The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. … you will always be at the top, never at the bottom.” Dt 28:13

The more the gospel of the kingdom is preached to the world, the more I can feel that God’s prophecy is real. It was not easy to preach God’s word and do voluntary services in a foreign country, but nothing turned out to be in vain. I only give thanks to God Elohim for Their grace to make every single drop of sweat and effort we made to preach meaningful.

Realizing that it is the work of the gospel Heavenly Father and Mother are fulfilling, the Brisbane Zion is waking up again. I pray that Brisbane Zion will bear abundant fruits of the Holy Spirit and establish many branch churches.