July 31, 2020


Seon Ha-na from Seoul, Korea


After I entered university, I commuted to school, a round trip for over four hours. I was sad not because I was tired but because I didn’t have enough time for the gospel work while spending my time on the way. I thought I couldn’t do it anymore and decided to live alone near school.

I was worried about my first time living alone, but I was happy that I could go to Zion often for gatherings, and carry out the young adult gospel activities. However, an unexpected ambush appeared. As my body felt comfortable, I became lazy.

“This wasn’t what I intended . . . ”

My attention was drawn to friends enjoying their lives rather than focus on saving souls. I hated myself; I felt a great sense of shame, realizing that my faith was, in fact, little on my own.

I was spiritually awakened after the New Jerusalem Preaching Festival was proclaimed. Our members made a resolution to devote themselves to the gospel 100 percent with 100 percent faith in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Father’s birth with great fervor; this lit up a fire in my heart. I regarded the preaching festival as the last opportunity for me.

In fact, except the time that I went overseas for a short-term mission trip, I had no fruit in my campus life for three years. Maybe, it would have been a reasonable result. This time, I only thought that I should do my best.

As a result of putting my best as I decided to do, I could find three heavenly family members in my school. Two members among them were international students. The Bible would have been unfamiliar to them since they were grown up in a country where Christianity is not their state religion, but they understood the truth very well. Even now, they study the Bible, learning the culture of Zion and the truth.

The other person is one year younger than me and we became close while doing the part-time job. Whenever I told the truth once in a while, she said, “Your church is different from today’s churches. It is reformative!” She was moved by the “Our Mother” Writing & Photo Exhibition and was born again as a child of God.

I’ve never led three souls in a month so I was dumbfounded. On the other hand, I thought of God’s word, “If you do, you can make it. Have faith.” I realized I couldn’t receive the blessing to this day because I didn’t put into practice the word and didn’t have faith. I was ashamed of how lacking I was in many ways.

I will pull myself together and do my best in saving souls. From now on, I will never lose the opportunity to receive the blessings that God has prepared for me.