In Accordance with God’s Plan

Gong Ju-hui from Medellin, Colombia


“Have you ever heard about God the Mother?”


This was the reply from a lady whom I preached to. I ask this question to whoever I meet. Most Colombians are Catholics and they mistakenly regard Mary the mother of Jesus as Heavenly Mother. I thought she too had the same belief and so asked her again, “Have you heard about the Bride of the Lamb?”

“Yes. You mean Heavenly Jerusalem?”

I was surprised because the Gospel hadn’t been preached in her village.

She said she heard the truth when she was working elsewhere in the previous year. When we met her for the Bible study for the second time and the third time, she showed how clearly she remembered the truth. When she learned the Sabbath, she enthusiastically agreed, “That’s right. The Sabbath is Saturday!” She knew that Isaac, the son of Sarah, inherited the estate of Abraham who represents God. However, she also had much false knowledge, so she regarded the new covenant merely as common sense and did not fully understand it. We were anxious, but after studying the prophecies about the Second Coming Christ, she was born again as a child of God.

Regularly keeping God’s commands and realizing the value of the truth, she became eager to save her husband and son. Her husband stopped going to church because he was disappointed at Christians who did things against God’s will. That’s why she hadn’t been able to ask him to come to Church with her. Soon, however, her husband felt the sincerity of her and other Church of God members who wanted him to be saved. Opening up, he and his son received the blessing of a new life together. The two pure souls humbly learned God’s word. As they talked about the Bible at home, the whole family became a happy family that serves God. She also preached to her acquaintances and bore fruits one after another.

Before I met the sister, I sometimes felt tired because I had no gospel result. When I tried to do something on my own, things didn’t go well. I was oblivious that the gospel work is being done in accordance with God’s plan from the beginning to the end. Through the sister’s family led to Zion in God’s due time, I once again engraved upon my heart Father’s word, “In its time I will do this swiftly” (Isa 60:22). I wonder where the souls prepared by God are waiting for us today.