May God bless you abundantly in the New Year!

Last year, you’ve worked hard making choices and carrying out your duties to the fullest.

A philosopher said, “Life is BCD (birth, choice, death).”
However, the Church of God says life is BCDE, adding Eternal life at the end.
The future may change, depending on the choices you make.

When you confront many challenges in the future,
the Church of God will actively help you make right choices
so that you may receive eternal life.

Even in remote areas of the Himalayas, the Amazon jungle,
and the world’s southernmost continent—Antarctica,
we will go meet you with the love of God Elohim.

* Life is BCD
“Life begins at Birth, and we constantly make Choices and end with Death.”

Major Awards Received

Governments and agencies of many countries
awarded the Church more than 2,600 times

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Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

Recognized with the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire [MBE]

U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award

Gold Award (Best honor for a group, 16 times)
Lifetime Achievement Award (Best honor for an individual)

Presidential Awards from Three Korean Governments

Presidential Group Citation, Medal of Merit, Presidential Citation

Come and watch video sermons on various subjects.

The Church of God provides sermons in more than 50 languages.

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New Song

The New Song is the praise to God Elohim who is the Creator and our Savior, and it is a soulful song of the saints who have received a new life in God and have been inspired by the Holy Spirit.

WATV New Song

Volunteer Services

We put into practice sharing and serving
beyond border, race, culture, and language

We work together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
[SDGs] for the peace and happiness of mankind.