Global Conference on Happy Family

Mother’s Love, the Key to Happy Home

South Korea

April 6, 2019 17163 Views

On April 6, the Global Conference on Happy Family was held at the seminar room of the Pangyo New Jerusalem Temple. Pastoral staff members from around the world gathered to help the church members and citizens live a happy family life. General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol led the conference as chairman, and panels from the U.K., U.S., Ecuador, India, and Peru shared their experiences and examples in their cultures.

“When a family, a key element of social structure, becomes happy, the society and the nation become happy, too. To reduce small and big misunderstandings and discord among family members, we must understand each other’s differences and respect each of our roles.” John Power from Ridgewood, NJ, U.S.

“Children learn at home consideration, tolerance, and the meaning of life. The role of the family is still important in modern society, where family relationships are not the same as before because of busy work, study, and individual hobbies.” Geraldo Emanuel Diaz Fiestas from Callao, Peru

“In the Esmeraldas Church I belong to, the members make the best use of the monthly Happy Home Preparing the Sabbath. It is a great help in practicing family love.” Elias Caicedo from Esmeraldas, Ecuador

“In the Indian society where a patriarchal atmosphere remains, the male married members of our Church of God set good examples. Many people are amazed to see how humbly they deal with small and big matters both at church and at home, and even prepare meals.” John Shah from New Delhi, India

The common opinion of the panelists was love. They said they can strengthen a family bond when all family members learn the attributes of the love of a mother who devotes herself to her family at the lowest place and takes care of all the members and when they put them into practice. “Statistics show that 42% of married couples in the U.K. get divorced. As a pastoral staff member, I will make efforts for those who are struggling with family relations to resolve conflicts and have domestic peace through God’s teachings, ‘Love is patient, it is not rude, and it is not easily angered but kind,’ ” said Missionary Alexander Laurence Toby Holmes from London, U.K.