ASEZ the Church of God University Student Volunteer Group Launched a Cheering Campaign

Let’s overcome COVID-19 together!

May 12, 2020 1713 Views

With the prolonged corona situation, more and more people complain of lethargy and depression due to restricted activity and anxiety about the risk of infection. When concern and sincere help for one another are in need, ASEZ the Church of God University Student Volunteer Group launched a cheering campaign to deliver hope and courage with handwritten letters and gift sets to people who are weary of COVID-19.

As of May 12, starting from April 1, about two thousand ASEZ members from various universities in Korea such as Korea University, Hongik University, Pusan National University, Gwangju Health University, and Daegu Haany University participated in the campaign by sincerely writing letters with the messages, “I hope the situation will stabilize quickly and a warm spring will come to everyone,” and “I will always support you until the end of this difficult period.” Inside the gift sets were snacks, vitamin drinks, nutritional supplements, and daily necessities such as face masks and hand sanitizers. Due to social distancing, students are now having classes online, so instead of meeting in person, they performed each of their roles by mainly communicating via phone or internet.

Their warmth was delivered to about 8,200 people: healthcare workers and officials from medical institutions such as National Medical Center, Korea Medical Association, Daegu Medical Center, and from government agencies such as Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [KCDC], Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters in Hwaseong, Emergency Operations Center for COVID-19 Response in Changwon, and Gwangju Namgu Fire Station; citizens and international students who are on selfquarantine, and senior citizens living alone.

In other countries outside Korea, this heartwarming campaign was constantly carried out as well. Members from University for the Creative Arts and Queen Mary University of London in the UK, Ramkhamhaeng University in Thailand, Kyoto Tachibana University in Japan, Arihant College of Arts, Commerce & Science in India, IACT College and UCSI University in Malaysia, National University of San Marcos in Peru, and Laguna State Polytechnic University in the Philippines expressed their gratitude to healthcare workers and related officials for their hard work with handwritten letters and gift sets. Moreover, members from National Autonomous University of Mexico and San Diego Miramar College in the U.S. sent consolatory letters and daily necessities to patients and international students on self-quarantine by mail. Also, members from Salt Lake Community College in the U.S. delivered 600 handmade face masks to Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office that works for the safety of its local residents. The staff who struggled with the spread of the infectious disease in the prison were grateful and said, “It will be a great help to our work performance.”

Healthcare workers and quarantine officials were encouraged by the university student members, and expressed their gratitude with thank-you letters and certificates. Some institutions posted the photos of their employees being delighted to receive letters and gift sets from volunteers. Doctor Kim Su-min from Gangneung City Health Center in Korea said, “Due to the prolonged corona situation, not only patients and citizens but also healthcare workers are struggling. University students too are having a hard time focusing on their academics. Despite that, you are encouraging us with handwritten letters, and it is indeed encouraging.” “I participated in this campaign, wanting to give hope and courage to people who are struggling with COVID-19. I believe we will be able to overcome this crisis if we all work together,” said Brother Kang Hyeong-gon from Yonsei University in Korea.