Rescue Instinct


A truck caught on fire in a tunnel. The driver made a quick move to put out the fire with the fire extinguisher that he had in his truck, but it wasn’t strong enough. Right then, three people in suits came out of a car that was passing by, evacuated the driver, pulled a fire hose that was installed in the tunnel, and started putting out the fire. The fire was put out completely in thirty minutes by the efforts they made, confronting the red flames and fog that filled the tunnel and by the help from the fire truck that got called and came. These people, who prevented the accident from getting worse by taking a quick action, were firefighters on their way to the funeral of one of their acquaintances. They fought the fire with no protective gear, but in an interview, they said, “Any firefighter would have taken an action instinctively in that situation. We just did what we were supposed to do.”

There was an emergency patient in an international airplane. The flight attendants desperately looked for a doctor among the passengers. Hearing the announcement, two people came running. They were vascular surgeons. The doctors learned that the bladder of the elderly patient, who was in his seventies, bloated with urine and that it was at risk of rupture. It was very critical. The doctors started a treatment immediately. One of them made a temporary urine cord with a plastic tubing of an oxygen mask and the straw of a milk carton, etc., and inserted it into the man’s body, and the other sucked the patient’s urine with his mouth through the straw. By their devotional treatment, the patient became stable about thirty minutes later, and the airplane arrived at the destination safely. As praises outpoured from people, they said, “We just followed a doctor’s instinct. We just did an ordinary thing as ordinary doctors.”

How fortunate and thankful it will be if there happens to be someone who is capable of rescuing you and you receive help from him or her when you are struck by a sudden accident! Doctors, nurses, firefighters, rescue workers… People who are capable of saving lives do not put a distinction between their on-duty time and off-duty time. They jump right in to rescue people in danger. We call these people heroes.

The same is true for the spiritual world. How fortunate and thankful it will be if people who’ve been given the capability to save lives approach people all over the world whose spiritual lives are in the critical state due to transgressions and disasters! How much the heavenly beings will exclaim for that news and praise them, calling them heroes!

The members of Zion, who’ve stepped out for the spiritual rescue work, are making every effort to preach God’s word in season and out of season to save even one more soul, and the Good News of salvation and fragrances of Zion are spreading from every corner of the world. It is a result of being faithful to the spiritual “rescue instinct” which is love that Heavenly Father and Mother have planted in us through the truth of the New Covenant.