In Accordance with God’s Word

The Church of God in Düsseldorf, Germany


Heavenly Mother blessed us, “The gospel in Europe, too, will go well.” We had to be patient for a long time as the barrier of the gospel work in Europe was high. However, Mother’s words of blessing greatly cheered us up.

We became convinced even more that everything will be done surely in accordance with God’s word after experiencing the amazing work of the Holy Spirit during the preaching festival that was conducted in unity with churches in Central Europe during the Feast of Pentecost. Before and after the Pentecost, things we had never experienced took place in the Düsseldorf Zion. We have led many souls to Zion. The new members asked quality questions with great interest in God’s word. The existing members realized the necessity of the ability to deliver God’s word and devote themselves to studying the Bible. It was virtuous cycle. We’d like to share with you a fragrance of Zion about one new member who had been searching for the truth of God and now is spiritually growing to become a gospel worker of the new covenant.

Brother Carmelo was a Catholic under the influence of his Italian parents. However, he could not realize God’s will though he attended the church. So, about a month before he heard the truth, he started praying to God eagerly, hoping that God would lead him to the true church. Then he met us, and he was shocked after listening to the truth of the Sabbath day. After the Bible study, he continued to ask questions related to the Sabbath day through text messages. After realizing the truth, he received a new life as a child of God. He was amazed whenever he studied a subject, and pressed members to teach him more subjects quickly.

He was not only amazed at the truth, but he immediately put into action whatever he learned. He wholeheartedly kept God’s commands such as the Sabbath day and the Passover after studying them, and also loudly said, “Amen!” after learning about the meaning of “Amen.” He followed the good examples of the members such as greeting politely. Even though he was confused at times because of slanders from his friends, he firmly kept his faith, studying God’s word continually.

The brother stayed in Köln, an hour away from Düsseldorf by train, but it didn’t matter to him. Although it took him much time and money, his mind was always toward Zion. After work, he would by all means come to Zion. One day, he brought a letter and asked us to send it to Heavenly Mother. On the envelope, there were colorful drawings of heart shapes with a message, “Mother, thank You. I love You!” written in Korean. He also brought a bouquet of beautiful flowers for Heavenly Mother; we could feel his deep longing for Mother.

Sister Suzana was also eager to learn the truth like the brother. She had even gone on a pilgrimage to Israel before. She would visit every big and small churches to learn God’s word. Even so, she couldn’t find the truth, and she no longer attended her previous church because she could feel there was neither love nor the truth of God. While she was keeping her faith alone, eagerly praying to God to lead her to the right path, she met a Church of God member from Frankfurt.

Right before she received the truth, there was a test. One church that knew she was in financial difficulty tempted her to attend it, suggesting a good job to her. However, the sister gave thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother for allowing her to receive the truth, and she didn’t waver in her faith at all.

Although she was a Bible teacher before, she studied God’s word with a humble mind. “I’ve received a new life and I’m spiritually an infant. I should learn a lot,” she said. In less than a month after baptism, she visited Kiel, about 600 ㎞ away from Frankfurt, to preach to her friend. Her friend, too, said she wanted to study the Bible, and later visited Frankfurt. In the near future, her friend, too, will surely receive a new life.

Elohists who realize the value of the truth and love God Elohim are coming to Zion, all in accordance with God’s word that everything will go well.