Make a Heart-Shaped Gesture


You smile when you’re happy, give thanks when you are thankful, and apologize when you feel sorry. Emotions in your heart are passed on to the other person when you express them.

Family love is the same. Sometimes, however, you may think they know how you feel even though you don’t express it. Or you may express even positive feelings like love with negative expressions. Family members love one another naturally, but wouldn’t it become more meaningful when it’s shown directly?

Please express your love by making a heart shape with your hands to your family this month. You might feel a little shy but when you express your love, you will become happy and gain new strength!

1. Make a heart shape as follows.
Raise two hands and make a big heart over your head.
Put the both thumbs together and let it head downwards to be a sharp point of the heart and bend the both four finger tips to make the upper part of the heart.
Make a cute heart by crossing the thumb and index finger.
2. Make a heart shape to your family in following cases.
When you wake up in the morning or before going to bed
When you go to school, work, or go out
When you come home after work
When you are thankful or when your family is having a hard time
When you find it difficult to express your love with words, etc.