Set Laughter Devices at Home!


Your smile makes those who see you as well as yourself happy. It’s also the best way to express your love to the people around you and to encourage them and support them.

Set laughter devices all over the house to laugh more. Laughing out loud for more than ten seconds will increase the effect of laughing even more. Make good use of various laughter devices to laugh aloud together with your family. Unhappiness will run away and happiness will fill your house.

Laughter zone: Laugh whenever you’re in the zone.
(Put up a sign, “Laughter Zone” or “LOL.”)
Laughter line: Laugh whenever you cross it.
(Put up a sign, “Laugh when you cross it.”)
Laughter time: Laugh at a certain time.
(Set an alarm with fun music.)
Laughter button: Set a part of your body as a laughter button and laugh when someone presses it.
Laughter mirror: Laugh whenever you see it.
(Put a smile sticker on the mirror or a sign, “Laughter Mirror.”)
Laughter chair or sitting cushion: Laugh whenever you sit on it.
Laughter flag: When someone shakes a flag that says, “Please Laugh,” laugh together.