Mother’s Teaching No. 5

“Arrogance is feeling disappointed when our expectations are not met.”


A man feels disappointed when the treatment or service he receives does not meet his expectations. Such feeling of disappointment comes from a mind that wants others to acknowledge or serve him, which is an arrogant mind.

We are sinners who committed grievous sins in Heaven and were cast down to the earth. So we should never be arrogant because sinners do not have the right to be acknowledged or to be served. When we look at the systems in this world, criminals who committed a serious crime are confined in prison and all their rights and freedoms are taken away.

However, sometimes we forget that we are spiritual sinners. When we forget this, we come to have an arrogant mind, wanting to be served. When others do not acknowledge or serve us, we feel disappointed, grumble, and complain. If this continues, we lose thanksgiving in our heart and go astray from salvation.

Therefore, if we truly want to be saved, whenever we feel arrogant or disappointed, we ought to remind ourselves that we are sinners and make efforts to give thanks to God for granting us salvation.

We should also think about God who walked the path of sacrifice with humility. God deserves to be worshiped and praised above all, but instead He received ridicule and contempt. He humbled Himself and lived a sacrificial life for us.

Then, how can we expect to be served? How can we feel disappointed by the way brothers and sisters treat us? We should think about God who served others from the lowest position, and make efforts to have a humble mind. Then our disappointed heart will fade away and we can give thanks and praise to God.

Food for Thought
What is Mother’s Teaching No. 5?
Let’s talk about ways to overcome a heart that feels disappointed.