Healing Seminar for Workers Was Held in Three Cities of Korea and Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia

“We cheer for all workers!”

September 1, 2019 1229 Views

“Sunday passes and Monday comes despite our wish.” From the Empathy Talk at the Healing Seminar for Workers held in the Seobuk Church, Cheonan, Korea

In a survey, “What makes you tired in your workplace?” a witty answer made everybody laugh. It showed how workers feel; they are tired and always feel they need more time to rest.

The Healing Seminar for Workers was held to provide busy workers with a breathing space in Jejudo Island the biggest tourist attraction in Korea, Seongnam, and Cheonan on September 1. It was also held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on the 15th and received a great response from citizens.

The Healing Seminar for Workers, which was held at the Orah Church in Jejudo, the Seobuk Church in Cheonan, and the New Jerusalem Imae Temple, Korea, started with an orchestra performance. The chamber orchestra in each region played many pieces of music such as a New Song, I Imagine to Myself, Libertango by A. Piazzolla, and a song from the movie La La Land. The performers, who had traveled to the Orah Church in Jeju, moved the audience in Jeju and Seogwipo.

The theme of the Healing Seminar was Seeking for Happiness. The presenters pointed out human relationships as the main cause of stress, but said, “Although we are tired from relationships, we also receive much comfort and encouragement from them. Looking back on our relationships with our parents, who are the source of infinite love, we can find true happiness,” introducing pieces of literature and visual material. The participants listened carefully, nodding in agreement, as fathers, workers, and as children. Some wiped their tears, thinking of their parents and families.

Booths were also prepared for the visitors. They released stress while enjoying experience programs such as a photo zone, creating postcards with calligraphy, making melted sugar and baking soda candy, a zero stress zone, and basketball. “The activities of the Church of God such as street cleanups and blood drives become a good basis to make Jejudo Island healthy. Today’s event helps residents improve not only their mental health but also strengthen communication and harmony among generations,” said Chairman of Jeju Provincial Council Kim Tae-seok, with his thumbs up. “Listening to how others are living during the Empathy Talk, I thought, ‘I am not the only one who’s tired,’ which comforted me,” said Kim Su-min (23), a nurse at a pediatric hospital in Cheonan, thanking her colleague for inviting her.

In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, more than 110 coworkers and acquaintances of the members participated in the Healing Seminar for Workers held. They visited the church lightheartedly on a holiday afternoon and enjoyed experience programs with laughter and were moved by the seminar which enlightened them about the love of family. “I like teaching children, but sometimes I get tired while preparing classes. I spent the best holiday today,” said Dariimaa (24), an elementary school teacher in Ulaanbaatar.

The participants in Korea and Mongolia were full of smiles on their way back home after the seminars, although the following day was Monday which they didn’t welcome usually. The Healing Seminar for Workers, which started in Siheung, Korea, in August last year, has offered a time of healing and consolation to over 20,000 people beyond regions and generations.