Victory over Satan’s Temptations


Satan tries to weaken our faith and destroy our souls by tempting us with secular things such as possessions, narcissism, discord, hatred, power, wealth, desire, jealousy, envy, pride, and so on, in order to inhibit us from entering the Kingdom of Heaven. We must overcome all temptations from Satan.

1. How does the devil tempt us?

  1. Possessions when we are in need
  2. Doubting God’s administration
  3. Desire for the wealth and glory of this world
  4. Idolatry
  5. Hindrance through people around us
  6. Increased property and wealth
  7. Doubting the truth due to lies
  8. Obstructing our way to God through persecution
  9. Preventing unity by dividing and alienating Church members

2. How can we overcome Satan’s temptations?

  1. Praying continually (Mt 26:41)
  2. Standing firm in faith (Eph 6:16); faith is a weapon by which we can resist the devil and overcome the world (1 Jn 5:4)
  3. Resisting him with God’s words (Mt 4:2–11)
  4. Perseverance (Jas 1:2–4)
  5. Relying only on God
  6. Putting on the full armor of God (Eph 6:13)
  7. Practicing godliness (2 Pe 2:9)
  8. Loving brothers and sisters even more when Satan tempts us to hate one another

Satan tempts us to make us sin, go astray, abandon our faith, rebel against God, and eventually follow him. Satan’s great pleasure is to tempt, ensnare, and destroy our souls–leading us to Hell. We must overcome all temptations, having hope for the eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

Food for Thought
How can we overcome temptations?
Let us share with one another how we have overcome temptations.