What Should We Pray About?


We can accomplish everything with God’s help. God waits for us to ask Him for help (Mt 7:7–8), and gives ear to our prayers in the invisible world. Therefore, we should make every effort to pray earnestly (1 Th 5:17).

What topics should we pray about? Through the Bible, let us learn one by one.

  1. Seeking His kingdom and His righteousness (Mt 6:25–34).
  2. To receive much wisdom (Jas 1:5).
  3. To not fall into temptation (Lk 22:40).
  4. Asking for the Holy Spirit (Lk 11:13).
  5. For God to open the door for preaching (Col 4:2–6).
  6. To fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel (Eph 6:18–19).
  7. To stand firm in faith and in the will of God (Col 4:12).
  8. For God to open our eyes to understand the truth (Ps 119:18).
  9. To be able to forgive others (Mk 11:25).
  10. Repentance and the forgiveness of sins (Ac 8:22).
  11. For our faith not to fail (Lk 22:32).

We should also ask God to help us with our difficulties and pray for our aspirations. We must believe and not doubt that our prayers will be answered (Mk 11:24). However, we must consider that prayers for our own sinful desires will not be answered (Jas 4:2–3).

Jesus Himself set an example of praying while doing the Gospel work. Although He is God Almighty, who does not need to pray, He prayed to teach us that God would listen to and answer our prayers (Lk 11:9–13). Obeying the will of God to “pray continually,” let us receive God’s grace and blessings abundantly.

Food for Thought
What prayers will God not answer?
Let’s reflect upon our past prayers and offer up prayers that are pleasing to God.